Sunday, November 14, 2010

techisbest demonstrates use of JBII's P2O fuel in his lawnmower

Firing up the lawnmower with JBII gasoline!

My unrehearsed video:

This lawnmower has not been run this season. The smoke you see when I first fire it up is from it sitting idle. Note that the longer it runs the cleaner it runs.

The jar used is the one on the left in this pic:

I sent John an email to tell him about the YouTube video I posted.

His response:

Quote:Nice to hear your lawnmower ran well with the fuel tapped directly off our gasoline condenser.

Our gasoline is no different than highly refined gasoline from a refinery. Our gasoline is different than gas found at the pump because we do not inject the additives and low cost cutting agents (butane injection), aromatics, and other additives to artificially inflate the octane thereby reducing the amount of high-cost gasoline. Many additives are injected in pure gasoline to increase the margin on gasoline at the pump. Our fuel was tested in a new engine long ago and the spark plug, head, valve seats and valves were inspected. There was no carbon build up, pitting, burns, or oxidation on those parts. We were quite impressed by how cleanly it burned.

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