Friday, November 5, 2010

techisbest discusses his recent P2O factory tour

Just a note about that picture for those not looking on FB.

The darker fuel is diesel, the lighter fuel is gasoline. The processor generates roughly a 80/20 ratio of those two (off gases are also generated as we all know).

You might notice that the diesel fuel on the left has some darker, heavier liquid in the bottom of the jar. This jar was collected when the processor was first warming up. Once the processor is in steady state it produces the clear liquid seen in the other three jars which were drawn off while I was there.

I got to keep the jar on the left. smile

Here is my FB post to John:

Thanks for another tour of the P2O factory today! It was great to see you and talk with you again.

I have posted pictures on FB here:

It was also good to be able to speak with Jacob Smith (COO), Bob Molodynia (VP, Business Development), Alan Barnett (Chief R&D Chemist), Scott (P2O Installation) and Jerry (P2O controls). It was gracious of Dr. Smith to take our pictures.

It was clear that nobody wants to get that DEC permit as quickly as possible more than all of you. Hopefully with the elections over things in the government can start moving again.

The new configuration for the P2O processor looked great. It was nice to see that second feeder gone and the process drum insulated on the outside to retain heat. It was amusing to hear how you were trying everything possible to lose heat before the off-gas compression system was installed.

Those two new processor drums outside are pretty. It will be great to see the new, bigger processors up and running as soon as possible. It will also be nice to have them handling more plastic at one time. The new feeder being developed sounds like a great innovation.

It is too bad that JBII has to be bothered with lawsuits by various entities wanting a piece of JBII. It sounds like Mr. Kaplanis definitely went outside his employment contract. Hopefully any lawsuits can be dispatched without much cost (time and money) to the company.

I was happy to hear that a lot of your time is currently being spent closing deals for sources of plastic. And it was good to verify that a part of the business plan is to sell fuel back to the companies supplying the plastic. It is a win-win solution. JBII gets a free source of plastic and the company supplying the plastic gets discounted fuel with out the sulphur allowing their emissions to be greener.

I like your plan to have a waste recycling center as part of your local operations. That could be a good model for any JV's that are started.

I got a close up look of the shredded plastic being fed into the processor. It was certainly not uniform. I saw gooey plastic of all colors shredded together into a single bin. Some of it was black.

But what I saw coming out of the processor, from both the diesel condenser and the gas condenser, was clean, amber fuel. It was interesting to note how cool the jar of gasoline was coming right out of the condenser while the jar of diesel was only warm to the touch. Thank you for the signed jar of P2O gasoline. I could try to use it in my lawnmower (snowblower?), but I think it is worth more to me as a keepsake.

I was very happy to hear that the processor had been running uninterrupted for five days. And that fuel is already being transported to the blending facility for storage.

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