Friday, November 12, 2010

KingVegita2006 summarizes JBII's P2O DEC Permit Application

DEC Permit Application

Summary of company P2O

(1) JBII is in the very final stages of obtaining an air permit from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation which will allow full commercial production and sales for their first Plastic2Oil processor for which they plan to turn free feedstock into high value diesel fuel. It only takes two modestly-paid employees to run a P2O machine, the energy from the free feedstock runs the machine, and the machine only costs around $200,000 to build and can be duplicated fairly quickly.

For these reasons, it appears that JBII's fuel margins on their fuel will be obscenely high from such low costs and low capital investment.

(2) It's my opinion, and nobody else that I've challenged has been able to come up with his own opinion, that JBII's P2O processor is about to prove to be the most viable alternative energy producer that's clean to come around in decades. Nothing else that I or others can think have possess these three key characteristics:

(a) Doesn't pollute and is green (certified by Islechem, the NYSDEC, and CRA)

(b) Has a high return on capital (around $200,000 per machine that should make at least $4 million in fuel per year)

(c) Makes energy cheap at high margins (estimated cost $10 per barrel of fuel that can be sold for up to $100 or more per barrel)

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  1. $200 K a machine plus building rent, labor utilities, permits-Could one start with half a million?


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