Tuesday, November 9, 2010

rce9rys comments on P2O's carbon footprint & the blending facility

HUGE view into "carbon footprint" issues:
John says that the diesel and gasoline is better than what you buy at the pump. The diesel has a centane rating (it's the diesel equivalent of an octane rating for gasoline) of over 80 - what you buy at the pump must have a rating over 40. The higher the number the better the combustion quality of the fuel.


What happens at a blending facility? Fuels are blended with additives to both meet certain government standards and reduce the cost of the finished product. Adding ethanol/butane, even solvents, drives down the cost to the manufacturer.

Right now it is more advantageous to sell P2O oil for purposes other than use in vehicles. One example given by John is use in the paper industry. They have industrial furnaces/boilers that use a lot of diesel fuel. They also have a lot of plastic waste. I was surprised to hear this. But John told of one smaller plant that had 60 tons of plastic waste each day.

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