Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rawnoc summarizes shareholder's recent P2O factory tour

New JBII Update From Shareholder Visit:

Pictures from visit:

Some Key Points:

(1) Apparently the diesel fuel and gasoline are able to be easily separated now and will be sold individually as diesel fuel and gasoline.

(2) Two new P2O processors are bigger (30 tons???) than the 20 ton version currently awaiting permitting. Two 30 tons can obviously handle 50% more plastic and therefore likely create 50% more yield (fuel).

(3) They've been busy lately closing deals for sources of plastic and selling low sulfur fuel back to some of these sources providing them free plastic.

(4) The plastic was mixed, multi-colored of various types of waste.

(5) In this report, the shareholder reported the processor had been running uninterrupted for 5 days and that fuel is already being transported to the blending site for storage.


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