Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zardiw contends JBII will be IMMENSELY PROFITABLE!

JBII is going to be IMMENSELY PROFITABLE. They are getting raw materials either for free, or are being paid to take them. Each ton they process results in about $523. Each processor at a conservative 20T/Day generates $10K. That's a million dollars in 100 days.

ONE other processor will DOUBLE that. Now factor in all the new processors. Each one will generate $3,000,000/year.

Some pretty awesome math huh?

Have you considered 'Economies of Scale'?
What do your numbers show with 5 processors?....10?......50?.....100?.......1,000???????

My calculator doesn't even go up that high.....

Bottom Line is that JBII has proved its concept. They are ready for production. When the permit is issued, everyone's eyes will open wide in amazement............z

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