Thursday, November 11, 2010

PRE opines on P2O's "Golden Spigot" & JBI's global impact


Internal and External Logistics must be in place before The Golden Spigot opens.

"Timing is Everything" - Bob Dylan

"There is much going on behind the scenes". JB


1 Kilo Plastic = 1 Liter Fuel

1000 Kilos Plastic = 1000 liters of Fuel

20000 kilos Non-Biodegradable PLASTIC = 20,000 Liters LIQUID GOLD and Liberating EARTH from 20,000 kilos Non-Biodegradable Plastic ..... OR ...

100 BARRELS FUEL FOR MAN 1 GIANT STEP FOR MANKIND in one 8 hour shift from 1 Small Processor.

Planning, production, inventory, purchasing, transportation, warehousing, etc. >>

"Stand unwavering Patiently in Faith" - Bob Dylan

Steve Prefontaine was the greatest middle distance runner in American history. As the youngest man in the MUNICH OLYMPIC 5K FINALS .... he MADE the race ... when with 1mile to go in a slow tactical race ... he shot to the front and almost ran the last mile in sub 4 minutes. He is, though deceased almost 35 years, more quoted then any runner in US athletic history. One of my favorite quotes of his ......



I believe that JB practices this maxim.

Steven Prefontaine held every American record from the 2000 meters through to the 10,000 meters; something no US runner has ever done since He took the Sport to a new level and together with Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, established a small company .... that would become bigger. You may have heard of them flptrnkng (a skeptic)? They are called Nike.

I believe JB will set similar records in the Environmental Industry soon to be processing more plastic to oil than any other company on Earth.

You look at Prefontine and see one race and you think he failed !!!!! but It was the Olympics at Munich .... where he was 4th Best In the entire World .... he was the youngest man in the race and the only one brave enough to take it out and make it a classic with 1 Mile to go. His efforts changed the sport of Track and Field and brought down the AAU that would not allow athletes more than 3 dollars a day or amateur status was lost.

Pre changed things Friend ....

JB is changing things to because he is courageous and is doing .... what others would not dare.

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